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Country Name Country (2) Code Country (3) Code Published Id
Bhutan   (Bhutan) [States] BT BTN 25
Bolivia   (Bolivia) [States] BO BOL 26
Bosnia and Herzegowina   (Bosnia and Herzegovina) [States] BA BIH 27
Botswana   (Botswana) [States] BW BWA 28
Bouvet Island   (Bouvet Island) [States] BV BVT 29
Brazil   (Brazil) [States] BR BRA 30
British Indian Ocean Territory   (British Indian Ocean Territory) [States] IO IOT 31
Brunei Darussalam   (Brunei Darussalam) [States] BN BRN 32
Bulgaria   (Bulgaria) [States] BG BGR 33
Burkina Faso   (Burkina Faso) [States] BF BFA 34
Burundi   (Burundi) [States] BI BDI 35
Cambodia   (Cambodia) [States] KH KHM 36
Cameroon   (Cameroon) [States] CM CMR 37
Canada   (Canada) [States] CA CAN 38
Canary Islands   (Canary Islands) [States] IC XCA 244
Cape Verde   (Cape Verde) [States] CV CPV 39
Cayman Islands   (Cayman Islands) [States] KY CYM 40
Central African Republic   (Central African Republic) [States] CF CAF 41
Chad   (Chad) [States] TD TCD 42
Chile   (Chile) [States] CL CHL 43
China   (China) [States] CN CHN 44
Christmas Island   (Christmas Island) [States] CX CXR 45
Cocos (Keeling) Islands   (Cocos (Keeling) Islands) [States] CC CCK 46
Colombia   (Colombia) [States] CO COL 47